Your next Telecoms Provider

Using our CallSwitch communicator application, stay in touch with customers and colleagues across multiple devices in the office or at home.

Discover our advanced yet simple telecoms solution, incorporating; calls, free minutes, transfer, VM to email, conferencing, call recording, video conference, mobile app, and PC integration.

Your next and last stop in the search for a reliable, feature-rich, and cost-effective cloud communication solution for your business.

Integrate your PC with your Phone System

Turn your desktop screen into a unified communication tool. Make and receive calls, know who is online, transfer calls, instant message colleagues, CRM integration, management portal, and more.

Voicemail to your Inbox

Retrieve all voicemails left on your office phone from any device.

Messages from your colleagues or those outside of the business will be delivered to your inbox.

Each email will include a recording of the voicemail as an mp3 attachment, the date and time of the call, and which number called you.

We will even transcribe the message for you!

Work from Anywhere

All you need is a broadband connection, and you can work from anywhere. Make calls presenting the office number, transfer calls to colleagues, see who is available, and send messages.

Take advantage of all the system features including call recording, conference calling, video calling with screen sharing, and more.

Conferencing made Easy

Turn any call into an ad hoc conference by adding up to 5 people to an ongoing call, or schedule a conference call through your own conference bridge, each conference call can host up to 250 people.

Want to video call and conference with your colleagues and customers? Not a problem, with your new solution, you can.

CallSwitch Features

Standard 90 day call recording, or upgrade to be PCI compliant
Log calls and call popping with the major CRM solutions.
Turn teams into your telephone platform.
Voicemails emailed to you with date, time, number, we will attach the recording, and transcribe it for you also.
You are in control with MPS – Manage your calls, schedule reports, manage users, reset passwords and more.
See how many calls you are receiving, who answers then, and how long the wait time is and more.

Our other Services

We provide the fastest and most reliable connection in your area, including dedicated leased lines and fibre to the premise.
Vodafone, O2 & EE.
Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, Email protection, anti-virus, malware, and ransomware protection.
Onsite 4 hour fix for hardware.

Why MPS?

At MPS Business Supplies we believe in challenging conventional technology by delivering a hosted telephony solution offering the most advanced features available, straight out of the box.

Built for business, our service guarantees a reliable, easy to use and set up, feature-rich communications platform for your business.

Hosted telephony provides organisations with a simple pay-as-you-grow model for all their business communication needs.

MPS customers enjoy an all in one communication solution that allows communication from any device (Office Phone, PC/Laptop or Mobile Phone), whilst offering voice and video calls with one number each.

Next Step

Our focus is to support small and medium-sized companies through the transition into cloud-based solutions, improving broadband speeds and enabling enterprise-level features to businesses of all sizes.

Contact us today to receive a free communications audit and discover the benefits a hosted telephone system can bring to your business.